Designers for classic To Contemporary Tastes

Pat Conner
Interior Designer at Madden McFarland since 1981

I prefer to do my own research while traveling to various markets and vacation destinations.  I am inspired by everything from jewelry, to rugs, to original art.

Connie Fey
Allied Member ASID, Interior Designer at Madden McFarland from 1977 - 1987, and again since 2005

Commercial design is my first love, what feeds creative expression, the main reason for my being

Sarah Neligan
Allied Member, ASID, Interior Designer at Madden McFarland since 2014

I want my clients to love their home.

Richard Lippincott
Interior Designer

I love working with older homes, remodels and adaptively re-used spaces

Katy Sullivan
Residential and Commercial Interior Designer

I still get very excited at the early stages of every project, anticipating how the project can change the way my clients feel about their home or workplace.

Marsha Marsden
Allied Member, ASID, Interior Designer at Madden McFarland since 2006

I love to connect travelers to their memories.

Cindi Osborne
Interior Designer, Project Coordinator at Madden McFarland since 2000

I love finding the perfect trim that will pull a room together.


Partners you can trust

Mary Madden
Residential and Commercial Design Lead

I love seeing the relationships develop and grow between clients and talented designers, tradespeople and craftsmen

Paul Madden
Operations Director at Madden McFarland since 2007

'Always do what's right' is the customer service policy.

Denise Madden
Facilitator and Client Relations at Madden McFarland since 2002

Customers are looking for knowledge, guidance and expertise. We have that

Bernie Madden
In Memoriam/Founder/Inspirer/Looming Presence

Bernie Madden was a giant in his family’s life and in his industry.