Pat Conner
Interior Designer at Madden McFarland since 1981

Pat is a seasoned professional, having studied Interior Design at Kansas State University and at the Kansas City Art Institute. She possesses a portfolio that includes countless awards and a number of published projects.  She is known for her bold, yet sophisticated style. “I’m a trailblazer, not a follower. My clients want their home to reflect their own unique personality.  They have discerning taste, and they want it to be stunning.”  Pat is careful to ensure that she and her client are on the same page. “There needs to be a comfortable relationship between the client and the designer. It’s a two way street. I need to know what excites them, what will make them smile when they see what their home has become.”

I enjoy doing research while traveling to various markets and vacation destinations.  I am inspired by everything from jewelry, to rugs, to original art.